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Treat Your Online Pornography Addiction - Now!

Don't Let Online Sex and Porn Addiction Destroy Your Marriage

Anybody can become addicted to the internet, it's not just pornography, which is the subject of this website, but gambling, eBay, shopping, gaming, Facebook, Skype, can all become the subject of addictive types of behaviour, and although the site this isn't geared up to address this type of behaviour specifically, the symptoms of addictive behaviour are the same and cover many similar areas.

Whatever the addiction, the addictive behaviour shares a commonality of purpose, that of tranquilizing anxiety. So, the methods used to help people with their pornography addiction will probably also be useful for people with these other types of internet addiction.

The other shared phenomenon is the fact that eventually, when the deed is done, either looking at pornography or masturbating, you feel so down. This is because in the beginning the chemical rush provided by the act satisfied the brain which was hit with powerful chemical reaction. But eventually the brain finds this too overpowering and turns down the responses received throughout the body, and so you either need to do more to achieve the same result, or be satisfied with less. Most of us cannot be satisfied with less and so it is usual to take the more and more option.

The thing about pornography is that it is available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, at the click of a mouse, and most of the time it is free. Secondly, you may not much care for cigarette smoke, or the taste of drink, or the idea of taking street drugs, but, you do have a keen interest in sex. You can't help it. Your sex drive is hard wired into your brain as well and you have regular messages sent to your nether regions to respond to anything that resembles a chance at sex.

However much you try to stay away from it, if you spend large amounts of time on the internet, you will eventually come across pornography. It's at this point you have a choice, you can switch it off, or you can become stimulated by it. If the later, for however innocent a reason, be that casual interest, excitement, or erotic arousal, you will eventually link the feelings you get to ever more stimulating images and you can very easily become addicted to looking and taking part in masturbation, cybersex, intercourse or outercourse.

When you either find yourself in trouble, full of self loathing, unemployed, threatened with divorce or having your kids taken away, you may think about giving up. You will never realize how difficult this will be until you try; and try, and try, and try. However hard it is to give up drinking alcohol, at least you have the option of not going to the pub, or off license. You can stay away from your drug of choice. You can keep away from drug dens, street corners, clubs or your usual supplier, when you are looking to give up street drugs. You have to go out and acquire your drug, which takes effort, and so you have one thing on your side to help you quit.

When you try to stop looking at pornography, or engaging in masturbation or other sexual behaviour, you suddenly find it is everywhere. You can't switch on the TV without some reference or another that may be one of your triggers. Almost every news headline these days has some reference to a politicians, or BBC presenters indiscretion, days, weeks or years before. Every movie, magazine and advert have references to sex and sexual activity. Directors, editors and advertising agencies use these images and references because they work!

But the one thing you can't get away from is your own body and your own brain. Once those images and movies go in, they are there for ever. Your own porn library for you to access, visualise, think about and interact with. This is why it's so difficult to overcome your porn addiction. If you've tried and failed, you know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?

Overcoming Online Pornography Addiction

Your chance to lose this addiction forever!
Over 2.5 hours of insight, practical advice and tools to use in the privacy of your own home.
This double CD, easy listening set, is a question and answer interview session with Philip Chave, director of research and education at The Haven Healing Centre in Cheddar, Somerset.
Here Phil gives you a detailed account of the tools you will need, and the correct way to apply them, to allow you to step back from the scourge of porn addiction, and find the peace and strength that will give you your life back.

The CD will give you the answers to the most commonly asked questions, such as:
  • Why is pornography so powerful in its hold over people?
  • Is pornography really that addictive?
  • Is pornography a lifelong condition?
  • Does marriage, or a relationship, solve a porn addiction problem?
  • What does porn do to a relationship?
  • How do I cope with continual failure? Treat and Overcome Your Pornography Addiction - Lightscribe Label
  • Why are more and more women experimenting with pornography?
  • Are there any physical changes if I watch pornography?
  • Can pornography ever be a fulfilling replacement for a relationship?
  • How does a spouse know when their partner is looking at porn?
  • But there is sex and temptation all around me, how am I supposed to cope with that?
  • Is there a miracle cure for porn addiction?
  • Is it possible to have a healthy sex life after pornography addiction?
  • Why can't I just stop?
  • I can't forgive myself for being so weak. Is this because I'm a loser?
  • Will my partner ever trust me again?
  • I've been threatened with divorce if I fail and I'm terrified. Is this normal?
  • Is it okay to masturbate if I don't look at pornography?
In Conversation With Philip Chave: Understanding, Coping With & Eliminating Internet Pornography Addiction & Sex Addiction

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